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Acting has been a joy for as long as I can remember. While I didn’t take a traditional path to get to where I am now... here I am! In NYC, giving this dream a go with an open heart and an open mind. I practiced law for many years (and still do sorta!), which has prepared me to be the most organized and diligent actor you can imagine. I'm committed to this journey and I hope to keep connecting, creating, learning, growing and giving as the years pass by. 

As we move into fall, 2021, and the temperatures begin to drop (hooray!) I’m consistently taking classes to keep my instrument strong and open. Voice and Shakespeare are continuous foundational work that I LOVE and return to as often as possible. I recently posted a new clip from a short film called, Peeking, where I played a mother grieving for her deceased son. You can check out the footage by clicking on the Film Clips link above- it’s Clip 2. Thanks so much for your interest in my work! Please check back soon for more clips and photos as I emerge from Covid hibernation (with the rest of the world). xo April



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David Roos, Citizen Talent


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